SYSTAT 13.2 – Release Notes




New License System: It supports on both 32 and 64 bit applications on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 OS.


Systat 13.2 provides full support for the following:


  1. Sigmaplot - *.jnb


  1. Microsoft Excel (97-2013) (*.xls, *.xlsx)


  1. SPSS(..21) (*.sav)


  1. SAS (6-9) (*.sd2; *.sas7bdat)


  1. SAS Transport (*.xpt; *.tpt)


  1. MiniTab (8-13) (*.mtw)


  1. Statistica 12 (*.sta)


  1. Stata (..12) (*.dta)


  1. JMP (3-11) (*.jmp)


  1. DBase (*.dbf)


  1. ASCII Text (*.txt; *.dat; *.csv)


  1. ArcView (*.shp)


  1. Lotus (*.wk1; *.wk2; *.wk4;*.wks)


  1. DIF (*.dif)


  1. Statview (*.svd)


Fixed Issues: 32 bit and 64 bit


  1. Broken command line scripts: Systat command line scripts were failing to execute because of IE upgrade from 6.0 to higher versions. The problem is fixed.


  1. Unsynchronized commands generated in the log file problem fixed.


  1. Saved scripts generated through the Start/Stop utility were unusable as they did not have extension. Now the scripts get saved with extension.


  1. Commands generated through LOGLIN dialog are case sensitive and Systat would recognize only Uppercase. Now Systat recognizes both the cases.


  1. Start page’s Scratchpad now supports all keyboard shortcuts.


  1. Replace (Ctrl+H) is enabled in batch tab of command space.


  1. New toolbar button disabled when Interactive and log tabs are clicked.


  1. Frozen menu in Start page is cleared.


64 bit only


  1. In 64-Bit application, response to mouse center button in Grid Scroll bar was erroneous, the problem is solved.


  1. In 64-bit Systat, non-display of Data Edit bar in Grid View is corrected.
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