NoMachine Cloud Server


NoMachine's Cloud Server provides top-of-the range functionality of Enterprise Server and enables users to manage their entire remote desktop session via a web interface. It does not matter where they are, a few clicks and their remote Linux, Mac or Windows desktop is instantly available with no requirement on the connecting device other than a browser. Cloud Server brings together all the multi-node and failover capabilities of Enterprise Server, plus a powerful Apache web server to work out-of-the-box. Tailored for organizations with BYOD policies in place, it not only gives employees a secure, central access point to their remote desktop, it also permits organizations to consolidate all their desktops hosted on other Enterprise Servers under one Cloud Server.

  • Deliver a secure web-based, single point of access to all desktops

  • Provide access to multiple Enterprise Servers on the network

  • Deploy desktops via the browser to work on programs, documents and emails

  • Display remote data on small devices such as smartphones and tablets

  • Native clipboard support, for copy and paste from remote to locale and vice-versa

  • Regulate display quality to fit bandwidth

  • Screenshot functionality facilitates remote support

  • No complex integration, easy to install and configure

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