Pcounter for Windows

Pcounter for Windows is designed for Windows print servers, or workstations setup as "servers" with printer sharing.

Supported platforms

Pcounter works with all versions of Windows 2000 or later.

It works automatically with Active Directory and NT4-compatible domains directly without any need to import or create printing accounts.

•Pcounter works with both 32 bit and x64 Windows versions.

•Pcounter works on Windows clusters and x64 operating systems.

•Pcounter has been fully updated and tested with Windows Server 2008, 2008 R2, 2003 R2, 2012, 2012 R2 and 7/8.

•Pcounter works with Windows Server Core with configuration UIs from remote computers.

•Pcounter works on networks where Samba is authenticating logons.

•All client platforms are supported.  Pcounter can automatically assign print job ownership from other platforms (such as Mac and Unix) or delete the job if an owner cannot be found, or they can use the Pcounter Pro popup clients or the Web Client to authenticate their jobs.

•Pcounter works with multiple and/or trusted domains.

•Printing accounts can be created in our database in addition to standard domain accounts, for creating temporary accounts or usage at sites where domains are not being used.

•Pcounter works in Citrix and Terminal Services environments.

•Built in LPD server with more features and better Macintosh support than the Microsoft LPD service.

•Integration with external LDAP servers via an additional DLL.

•Easy integration with NetWare and OES environments.

•Local workstation print tracking.

•Intelligent job load balancing across multiple printers.


Pcounter is a complete printer management suite, incorporating accounting, rules based printing, load balancing, pull printing, and much more into an affordable package.

Pcounter can track print jobs from any platform (PC, Mac, Unix) that can print to a Pcounter server.

Pcounter counts pages printed on printers from all major manufacturers.  This covers most lasers, inkjets, and multifunction devices on the market today.   Pcounter also tracks plot size on HPGL/2 and PostScript plotters.

•Separate pricing for color and duplex print jobs.

•Enforces printing account balances/quotas for users. Users can check their balances via web browser or using Wbalance, a small Windows utility which runs in the system tray.

•Keeps a log file of all print activity - for printers hosted on multiple servers the log can be kept in one central location for easy access.  The log file includes user name, document name, printer/queue name, date, time, client station, client code, subcode, paper size, features, byte size, page count, cost, and account balance.

•Windows users may have a popup window for billing print jobs to clients/job numbers.   Users from any platform (Windows, Macintosh, Linux, UNIX, etc.) can use the Pcounter Web Client for cross-platform print job billing, authorization, and authentication, all from within a web browser.

•The cost for each page is determined by the paper size used in the print job, allowing variable costs for printers which support multiple paper sizes.   Print jobs requesting an invalid paper size can be discarded.   Roll plotters can be accounted for based on image size.

•Can generate various printing usage reports and print histories of users, printers, and client codes.  Reports and histories can be saved as HTML, XLS, CSV, or formatted text, can be directly launched into Excel or web browsers, and can be sent by email.

•Rules based printing for load balancing based on maximum and minimum byte sizes, page counts, copy counts, and color content - print jobs can be deleted, moved to the end of the queue, or moved to another print queue.

•All print jobs can be automatically held/paused, and global (print job configuration) settings for queues can be automatically enforced.  Each server has a default template which can be used globally for all print queues on that server.

•A Plot Manager handles batch submission of printer-ready files to printers and plotters, including support for client billing codes and scheduling.

•Network broadcast and/or email messages can be customized and sent at any time to keep users informed.

•Customizable banner pages can be used which contain all information about the print job, including the page count and account balance.

•Administration can be done from any Windows workstation or server on the network, including printer/queue setup, configuration, properties, permissions, and print job management.

•The Pcounter workstation tools (popup and account balance information) are internationalized in French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Finnish, Dutch, Czech, Swedish, Danish, Polish, and Norwegian.

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