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SigmaPlot 14.5 : Designed Specifically to Meet the Needs of Scientists, Professional Researchers and Engineers

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Designed Specifically to Meet the Needs of Scientists, Professional Researchers and Engineers

SigmaPlot 14.5

Designed Specifically to Meet the Needs of Scientists, Professional Researchers and Engineers



Import multiple sheets from Excel files.


Statistical Analysis

Expanded model selection criteria for polynomial regression, new assumption checking criteria and table formatting for correlation tests, numerical and graph results added to contingency tables



Enhancements to polar plots from the Polar and Parametric Equations macro. The

Histogram Plus Kernel Density macro added to Toolbox



Improved search in Help system.



New functions in the Transform Language for matrix computations. Transform Samples file update with new transforms for orthogonal regression, regression with equality constraints, Passing-Bablok regression, and chi-square goodness-of-fit test for category data.


System Memory

Status bar shows remaining memory


Add Value Symbols

Value symbols can now be easily added to symbol and bar graphs


Subsections In Notebooks

Notebooks expanded to include one or more subsections under each section to better organize content.



Scaling options for counts and options for either left-edge or right-edge binning are available for histograms from the Histogram Wizard and from statistical procedures.



Reports available for 2D and 3D Smoothers to save settings for future reference.


User Interface Improvements

Plots can be deleted from Graph Properties, the Add Axis default has been changed to the Y Axis, Align Objects is now available from the right mouse menu, and mini-toolbars have been improved when drawing arrows


Statistical Graphs

New statistical graphs in the Create Graph Wizard to visually compare datasets. These include Quantile-Quantile plots, Confidence and Prediction Ellipses, and Jitter plots.


New Statistical Analysis Features & Graphs






User Interface Enhancements







Transform Language Enhancements

•New transform language functions for matrix computations including eigenvalues/ eigenvectors of real symmetric matrices, and solutions of systems of linear equations and regression problems.


•Restructured transform library for easier navigation


•New transforms added to transform library:


•Multilinear Orthogonal Regression and Regression with Equality Constraints


•Passing-Bablok Regression


•Chi-Square goodness of fit test for category data


•Improvements in the random number generators when using a random seed


•Statistical procedures may now use data from over 4000 worksheet columns



New Miscellaneous Features





Improved search in Help



















Quartile, Quadrant, Population





Multiple, intersecting plots with hidden line removal, smooth or dis- crete shading, transparent or opaque fills, and light source shading 3D rotation, Perspective preview, Scatter, Bar, 3D line - trajectory, Mesh - with or without contour projections Contour, Waterfall


Create Graphs Easily

Templates: create custom graph page templates to store for easy accessibility and future use


Technical Axis

Reciprocal (including Arrhenius), Weibull, Linear, Log10, Natural log, Probit, Logit, Probability, Ternary percentage, unary Polar (both clockwise and counter clockwise) Category (text data automatically binned into groups) Time and date, User-defined custom axis to create almost any scale


Axis Features


Axis breaks: customize symbol, thickness, color, length, gap width, and post break interval


Symbol Line and Fill Types


50 fill patterns for bar charts, box plots, pie charts, area plots and free-form boxes and ellipses


Error Bars



First and Last entry





Percentile method: 2 types


Multi-line Text Editor

Control font, size, style, color, Greek, multiple levels of superscript and subscript, 360 degree rotation, left, right & center justification, and line spacing


Function Plotter


Equation Solver: solve equations or functions containing a single independent variable and any number of parameters


Function Plotter


Equation Solver: solve equations or functions containing a single independent variable and any number of parameters







File import and export support is added for V13/V14 of Minitab, V9 of SAS, and V19 of SPSS


Microsoft Office Style Ribbons


Alt Key Tips provide visual display of keyboard shortcuts


Graph Property Redesign


New window show/hide buttons for window real-estate management


User Interface Improvements



Customizable Quick Access Toolbar for frequently used user specific commands


Grids and Fills

Control of pattern and edge color, pattern style, pattern density and edge thickness Symbols


Reference Lines


Control of color, line type, and thickness


Drop Lines

Display in any or all X, Y and Z directions


Antialiasing for Smooth Lines

Button in Format Group, Graph Page tab






Place line and symbol before or after text



Enzyme Kinetics Module


Scatchard, Hanes- Woolf, Hill,and Dixon


Regression Wizard










Predicted values defined implicitly by the fit model


Dynamic Fit Wizard

Shows the local minima with a Dynamic Fit Profile graph


Global Fit Wizard

Fit multiple data sets using shared parameters


Automatic Plot Regressions

Additional Plot Regression statistics


Column Descriptive Statistics Generated Automatically

Choose which statistics to display and in desired order









One-way, two-way, three-way ANOVA




Survival analysis (Kaplan-Meir, Cox Regression)


Power and Sample Size Analysis





Bland-Altman analysis for method comparison


Results Graphs From Statistics



Improved default appearance of Result Graphs



2D & 3D Smoothing Routines


Running median, Bisquare, Inverse square, Inverse distance (for 3D smoothing)



Quick Transforms

Improved User Interface for the Quick Transforms dialog


Mathematical Transforms
















User-defined dialog is resizable and can be saved





Large, Scientific Worksheets







Text support of up to 256 characters










Formatted text in worksheet cells. Text in worksheet can contain super and subscripts, Greek letters, etc. and this can be used in tick labels


Sigmaplot Notebook Manager

Direct-editing of notebook summary information


Sigmaplot Report Editor









Page Layout and Annotation Options






















Adjustable snap-to grids


“Picking From Column” Option

Enter colors, patterns, symbols, line styles, tick mark intervals, tick labels and more directly into your worksheet to customize your graph the way you want. Transforms and “picking from column” allow you to create data dependent color gradients, symbols and sizes.


Automate Routine and Complete Tasks

Visual Basic compatible programming using built-in


macro language interface


• Macro recorder to save and play-back operations


• Macro recorder to save and play-back operations


• Full automation object support - use Visual Basic to


create your own SigmaPlot - based applications


• Run built-in macros or create and add your own




• Add menu commands and create dialog


•  Export graph to PowerPoint Slide

Insert Graph to Microsoft Word’ Toolbox macro


•   New keyboard shortcuts in the Graph Properties and most Microsoft Excel keyboard shortcuts in the




• Macro language graph page measurement units




•  Macro language automatic legend state specification


Windows Applications







SigmaPlot version




Scan, SigmaScan Image, Mocha



Run SQLqueries on tables and selectively import information





PDF, PSD and HTMLexport of graphs and reports


Import Graphics Options


SigmaPlot graphic page


Import BMP, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, Cursor and Icon Files & many more


Graph Export Options


Compressed CMYK TIFF


Publish As Web Page


The WebViewer supports IE 4.01 or higher. A screen resolution JPEG file is automatically displayed for browser applications and operating systems

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